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Reloader George kunkle

Michigan Reloader George Kunkle

I started reloading bullets in the mid 70s for myself and a few other people. I went through all the trials and tribulations of any new venture and then put it all on the back burner for a different business. About 20 years ago I got back into loading as more than a hobby, and it just took off from there. I now do over 80 different calibers including many old, antique, obsolete, black powder, cowboy and hard to find ammo. Most of our ammo is made on Dillon equipment, but we have turret and single stage set-ups also for the precision rifle and such. Components for most everything are available somewhere, and over the years I’ve developed a string of loading comrades that are always willing to help each other on the tough ones. We do all the common calibers and in just about any projectile you could want. We also wholesale of brass in small and large quantities throughout the 48 contiguous states. So if you need some ammo for your bowling pin league, give us a holler. Feel free to browse through our site and be sure to check out testimonials page. Hope we can be of service to you.

How We Make Our Loads

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