quality ammo reviews

Quality Ammo Reviews

I have been a customer of D&G Reloading for over 8 years. I have used this ammo in everything I own from .38 specials, .357 mag, .44 mag, .45ACP, .308, to 30 -06. It is accurate, reliable and reasonably priced. The folks will work with you on any special requirements your shooting demands. I will continue to use D&G for all my ammo needs.

– Roger E. Parry

-NRA Certified Instructor & Training Counselor, Chief Range Safety Officer, IDPA Safety Officer, IDPA, PPC, CMP competitor

Hey george! Just wanted to tell you how great your ammo is!! Those 500 light loads are still powerfull, yet VERY reasonably priced! and those train stoppers….MY GOD THOSE ARE SOME FUN, SUPER POWERFULL LOADS TO SHOOT!! They make the hornady 500 grain like shootin’ a 357.I even blew up a bowling pin with one! Blew the b**ch about 10 yards past the 15 yard line whereI shot at it -it literally exploded into wood splinters and plastic shreds!! By far the most POWERFUL and gratifying load I ever shot! Left my girlfriend and the people at my local range in awe, as well as me! Thanks again …will be a returning customer!

– Dave Tatara

George, 75 yards, through heavy brush, got both lungs and knicked the spine. The seven pointer was knocked off of its feet onto its side and never moved. Nice job on the bullets.

-Danny Prone

Hi George,I purchased 500 rounds of 44Mag 240 grain XTP ammo off of you this year and just wanted to drop you a line to say how satisfied I am. I have a Ruger Super RedHawk stainless 9.5 barrel w/ a Burris 1.5-4 power scope.The ammo shot very well and held nice tight groups at 50 and 100 yards. Last Saturday I dropped a nice Doe with one shot to the neck at about 20 yards. I just wanted to let you know that I am a very satisfied customer and I will be back for more.

-Paul Oullette

Remember the 180 XTP and Partitions for the .357 loaded with 15.5 of lil gun (that you made for me?) Well that is a heck of a combo. I ended up taking 12 bonus does with it during gun season. EVERY one dropped like a rock. The only difference I saw in bullets was the partition penetrates thru at longer range better than the XTP (couple of XTP’s stayed in at 80-90 yds). Most every deer shot was shoulder shot. Ranges were from 35yds all the way to 108yd. Both bullets shoot about 3″ groups at 100 and same POI. 2″ high at 50 is only 3″ low at 100. Thanks for a wonderful deer load that makes the .357 perform like the gun it was meant to be.

– Mark Anthony